Baci Assorted Bijou 175g **ON SALE**


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Baci Assorted Bijou 175g **ON SALE**

Italian for kiss, Baci is dark chocolate praline with a whole hazelnut and hazelnut filling. Each one is wrapped in silver and blue and contains a little love message inside. This makes Baci chocolates the perfect choice for weddings, engagements or christenings.

An Italian Icon

Baci have been in existence since 1907, when Perugina co-founder Luisa Spagnoli created them out of a desire to use up excess chopped hazelnuts. She made a hazelnut praline, placed an entire roasted hazelnut on top, and smothered the whole thing with the company’s delicious dark chocolate. According to legend, she was then inspired by her feelings for a special someone to wrap the chocolate in a love note. The delightful result soon caught on amongst young lovers that frequented the Perugian sweetshop.

The company’s art director, inspired by Italian artist Francesco Hayez’ famous painting, “Il Bacio” (the kiss) created the iconic image of two sweethearts beneath the stars as the Baci was born!

By 1939, these delectable confections had made their way across the ocean and a Perugina shop was opened on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Soon counting stars such as Frank Sinatra, Clark Gable and Rudolph Valentino among its fans, the Baci was found to be just as irresistible in the New World as it had been back at home.

Baci chocolates, along with all other sweets made by Perugina, are still made back in Perugia to this day, guaranteeing their authentic Italian origins. Their recipe has also remained unchanged since their creation all that time ago in 1907.

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