Buchettes de Chevre - 18x25g

France Gourmet


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(Picandine SA, Dordogne)

A delicate white wine with good acid structure will pair well with this cheese, perhaps a citrusy Riesling.

Great for a picnics, snacks and school lunches or served warmed on toast with a fresh

Bûchettes (“little logs”) are cigar-shaped, white mould goat cheeses. These little beauties are made in the Périgord region of France from pasteurised goat’s milk. Aged for a minimum of ten days, they have a lovely balance between subtle sweetness and acidity. The stark white inside is delicate and smooth. They will soften elegantly into a smooth and silky texture with melting grassy flavours as they age. The rind of a Bûchette is perfectly edible, we find it deliciously mild.

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