Pamplie Butter Unsalted 250g



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Pamplie Butter Unsalted 250g
Pamplie Butter Unsalted 250g

Pamplie Butter Unsalted 250gr

Pamplie AOP Beurre Charentes-Poitou Sweet Butter Roll as indicated on the label, Pamplie butter is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product, namely AOP Beurre Charentes-Poitou. Its artisanal production takes place using a traditional barrel churn, giving this premium butter its delicate taste and soft texture. The company's tag line is "Le Beurre de Chefs" which probably needs no translation.

Pamplie started their business in 1905, has already established for 110 years, and is famous for their dairy products. Pamplie Butter is a fermented butter which has been certificated by the Protected Designation of Origin Charentes-Poitou. The herbage that the cattle have is pollution-free and full of mineral. All the production processes followed the traditional method which meets EU regulations. The raw milk is fermented and processed after being collected. Pamplie use special lactobacillus inoculation and let the milk be fermented slowly under 7-18℃ after 48 hours. The butter is silky, full of aroma and al dente without any additives. Pamplie’s insistence on high-quality has lasted since 1905.

The French recognise two appellations for butter:
Normandy and Charentes-Poitou.

Butter carrying the AOP symbol is guaranteed to be made from fresh local cream which has been cultured using a natural maturation process lasting 12 to 24 hours, and the finest examples are gently churned in a traditional baratte.

The cultured butter from the Poitou-Charentes region such as our Pamplie is pale, firm and slightly brittle in texture, and more consistent in quality and colour.


Pamplie Butter Unsalted 250g
Pamplie Butter Unsalted 250g

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