Soumaintrain - 400g

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(Fromageries Berthaut, Bourgogne)

Serve with a strong Belgian beer or a glass of full bodied Pinot Noir.

This cheese is best with some fresh crusty bread and sliced pear.

This cheese was first made in Soumaintrain in the Yonne Department. The first production of this cheese dates back to the 17th Century.  Produced by Berthaut, Soumaintrain is a farmhouse cheese and is a member of the Époisses family.

This traditionally ripened cheese is washed and brushed by hand two to three times a week.The rind is ivory to straw coloured for younger Soumaintrain and orange to ochre for more matured cheese.

This is often eaten young when it has a moist rind and a rich, salty flavour, while still creamy in texture. It is sweet and delicate when young but can also be aged to develop a firmer rind and stronger flavour.

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