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Tapenade Green Olive 90g Jar Puget - Tapenade Verte

Packaging Details : 8 units per carton.

How to prepare a “French Apéro”

L’apéro in France is serious business. This consists of some drinks and nibbles that you share with your family and friends before late dinner. Here are 5 traditional kinds of food that French people have for apéro. 1- Tapenade on...

What to bring in your hamper for Brisbane River Fire?

Today is Brisbane River Fire! While everyone is having a barbecue, why don't you be a bit different and have a French hamper (it's better, plus you don't have to wait 2 hours before a barbecue becomes available)? Here are our...

How to make a Frenchy happy?

Do you know a French person and do you want to make him/her happy? We've got 4 tips to succeed! 1- Bring her French breakfast in bed Forget about the crumbs and bring her a nice meal tray with some...